Travelers with Norröna will be tested for COVID-19

All people, traveling to Iceland with Norröna , must be tested for Covid-19. All people, older than 12 years, travelling with Norröna to the Faroe Islands must be tested for Covid-19. The testing takes place on the harbour in Hirtshals when you travel from Denmark. If you travel from the Faroe Islands you will be tested in Tórshavn. If you travel from Iceland to the Faroe Islands you will be tested on-board. The test results will be sent directly to Smyril Line and will be ready during the crossing. Only passengers that are tested positive will be contacted about the test result.

The price for the test is 390 DKK per person and is to be paid online with credit card. Fill out the fields and complete payment before arriving at check-in. When you have paid, we will send you a receipt to the email you register below . Please be ready to present this receipt at check-in.

In case you have problems completing your online payment, please consult the check-in staff on the harbour in Hirtshals.

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